Jandd is a company worth buying gear from.

I bought a Jandd Gabriel messenger bag in 1995, in part because of its lifetime warranty. I’ve used it every day since. The shoulder strap wore out in 2000 and again last year. Each time I contacted Jandd, and each time they’ve repaired it for me without complaint or cost (and each time with a slightly tougher-built shoulder strap). It’s good equipment for a fair price, especially given the great service. Recommended.

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2 replies on “Jandd is a company worth buying gear from.”

  1. I can’t tell from the product page… how watertight is that thing? I’m thinking of getting something to replace my voluminous but only sort of watertight Jansport backpack.

  2. I’m not sure how to measure that. I’ve never had anything get wet in it because of rain (it’s got a thick, four-layered flap that pulls over the zippered top), and I once spilled about four cups of turkey soup in it, which simply sloshed around the bottom (ruining my PowerBook) but didn’t soak through or even stain it.

    FWIW, I’ve used a lot of ostensibly waterproof frame packs, and not a one of them have been. I just pull a trash bag over a pack when it starts raining. :) I’m not sure that any bag is waterproof, but I do think this one isn’t far off.

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