Mark Penn says there are 500,000 professional bloggers in the U.S.

I recommend reading about Mark Penn’s completely invented WSJ article in a piece I wrote over at VQR today. The famed political pollster appears to have completely invented the facts behind his sensationalist op-ed in today’s Journal, claiming that there are as many professional bloggers as attorneys in the U.S. I gave him a good old-fashioned fisking. The whole thing feels very much like nabbing Stephen Glass in the act of inventing stories for The New Republic back in 1998.

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3 replies on “Mark Penn says there are 500,000 professional bloggers in the U.S.”

  1. I don’t really know if you can be irresponsible with the truth regarding something like blogging. Throwing out a phrase like “500,000 professional bloggers” is like saying “all the tea in China.”

    Now, thinking that Hillary would win the primary after picking up all of California’s delegate votes because he didn’t bother to learn that the delegate counts were proportionately split, on the other hand….

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