Thomas Garrett is now representing himself.

Writes Hawes Spencer at The Hook:

Daleville attorney James Creekmore is no longer representing the Buckingham publicist/author/chicken farmer who’s suing the Hook and two of its reporters for $10.7 million. A Buckingham judge signed an April 14 order that allows Creekmore to withdraw as Tommy Lightfoot Garrett’s legal counsel.

For those keeping track, I’ve gone from representing myself to being represented by three awesome lawyers, while Garrett has gone from having a legal firm behind him to being pro se. It’s been quite a reversal in fortunes.

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7 replies on “Thomas Garrett is now representing himself.”

  1. Wow, Tommy has quite an extensive legal history. And nine different lawyers? I can’t get enough of this story, it’s like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

  2. Are you allowed to appeal the decision even after you win, Waldo? Because this case shouldn’t be allowed to end. Reading this is like a serialized Grisham novel only with less suspense and more “OMG srsly?”

  3. Maybe Garrett will sue his lawyer(s) under a Sixth amendment ineffective assistance of counsel claim, or try to report his lawyer(s) to the professional responsibility board(s).

  4. We certainly wouldn’t want to give him any ideas. Especially a zany idea like presenting his argument in interpretive dance. Seriously, Tommy, it’s so crazy it just might work.

  5. Waldo, I just hate to see someone unfamiliar with the legal system miss out on any opportunity to take advantage of a potential claim available to them, whether it be due to ignorance or an unwillingness/inherent timidity with regards to pressing one’s suit. ;)

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