DMB rewards scary stalkers with studio tour.

Dave Matthews Band posted a video to their website, via YouTube, which they describe as such:

In late February, a group of 15 DMB fans from Canada discovered the location of the DMB studio and upon arrival, lingered outside hoping for a chance to meet DMB. Rob Cavallo, producer, invited the lucky fans in for an initial listen to material from Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King.

This has got to be about the dumbest thing I have ever seen a band do. (And I include Metallica suing their fans.) Because what’s the moral of the story here? You should stalk Dave Matthews Band, because they’ll give you special access if you find them, and then make you famous on their website.

They’re my neighbors. Seriously, with an off-the-shelf model rocket I could hit their studio. Violinist Boyd Tinsley and drummer Carter Beauford both live near me; I know where each live. Is the lesson that I should give out their addresses? Maybe eBay them?

I used to work for DMB. I spent years as their first line of defense, running their fan site, keeping tabs on the crazies and coordinating with band management on dealing with them. So I know how closely these guys (and management, on their behalf) guard their privacy.

How people so smart can be so dumb?

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6 replies on “DMB rewards scary stalkers with studio tour.”

  1. With regards to the video: Knowing how much of a merchandising and marketing giant the band has come thanks to certain management guidance, after viewing the video, and realizing the timing… the cynical part of me can’t help but think it was all staged as a marketing ploy. The only thing that really surprises me is that it was released free on youtube, and not somehow through a pay-per-view option at Music Today. (I half kid with that)

    As far as the stalking message… well, if someone is going to go creeptacular, they’re going to do it regardless of a video like this one. Shoot, even if I wasn’t from C’ville and already knew, google is enough these days to find information if you know where to look, so I’d pass on the e-bay idea if I were you. The information isn’t really that protected to begin with (studio and residence addresses). I just boils down to simple respect for another person’s privacy. The creeptacular ones often don’t realize this.

  2. The information isn’t really that protected to begin with (studio and residence addresses).

    Actually, it is. All of their residences are held in the names of LLCs with innocuous-sounding names (nothing like “Famous Band Guy, LLC” :) and their studio is out in the country down a winding series of unpaved roads. It only takes one eager fan showing up at your front door and frightening your wife to start withdrawing. :)

  3. Waldo you live in New Orleans! Can I crash at your place in during Jazz Fest?

    Nice April 1st

  4. That’s not “their” studio—they were using a rental studio. They actually own a studio that they built themselves, where they do the bulk of their recording, outside of Charlottesville.

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