5 musical acts I’ve recently been surprised to find that I really like.

  1. Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers
  2. Tennessee Ernie Ford
  3. Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys
  4. Stevie Wonder
  5. Swan’s Silvertone Singers

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7 replies on “5 musical acts I’ve recently been surprised to find that I really like.”

  1. you were surprised to like stevie wonder and sam cooke?! they’re musical dna! bill monroe, too, but i can see how bluegrass can be an acquired taste.

  2. Tennessee Ernie Ford is awesome. Listen to him doing ‘A Closer Walk With Thee’ and then listen to any of Elvis’ slower stuff. Very, very similar. Except of course that Ernie Ford was the better singer.

  3. “Listening to the songs Sam recorded with the Soul Stirrers is like having a rich chocolate fudge cake all to yourself—you want to eat it all at once, but you know it’s best to enjoy it slowly. But even if you did eat the cake in one sitting, the resulting stomach ache would probably hurt so good, it would all be worth it.”

    Excerpt from “Our Uncle Sam: The Sam Cooke Story From His Family’s Perspective” by Erik Greene

  4. Must be the banjo sounds echoing through your head. (Synopsis: it snaps your synapses!)

  5. Just the music that Stevie Wonder created in the 1970s is more dynamic than most dominant musicians can produce in a lifetime.

    The albums include:

    Talking Book
    Music of My Mind
    Fulfillingness First Finale
    Songs In the Key of Life

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