A return to Waldo.Net?

I’m thinking about returning to my old domain, waldo.net. I only switched to waldo.jaquith.org recently, in 2004, to force people to learn to spell my last name. Only rarely now do people insert a “c” in there, so I figure mission accomplished.

Which do you prefer? Or does it even matter in the days of RSS and Google?

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13 replies on “A return to Waldo.Net?”

  1. Once you’ve been to the website, it just pops up most of the time.
    And you should get an easier last name to spell. In college, we have Judge, Hunt and Jones in the news department.

  2. Well, I just typed waldo.net to get here, so I don’t think it matters much. Yay redirects!

  3. Doesn’t matter to me, as long as the switch is well-advertised. Will you maintain this domain (at least forwarding to the other), so links to old posts will still work?

  4. How’s about jaquith.waldo.net? It’d be one more base toward hitting for the cycle.

  5. After decades of telling people there is no “c” in my first OR last names, I’m grateful for what you’ve done already.

    Then again, you could make people type in “Jaquith” rather than “Democratic” in the anti-spam window. : )

  6. I never stopped using waldo.net. It’s quicker to type (especially on an iPhone) and it kept working.

  7. I still get mail addressed to James at Waldo dot net. for the record, I’ve never once used that address… but it’s what my outgoing mail would look like when I used webmail. Which I most recently did about four years ago.

    My point is: no matter what you do, people will still use the old one.

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