McAuliffe: We must reverse this trend of victory.

The quote of the day, from Terry McAuliffe talking to Bob Lewis:

Nobody can sit back and do things the way we used to do them in governors’ races. If we do that, we’re not going to win.

Yeah! Look at what happened to that Mark Warner character back in 2001! And Tim Kaine, in 2005! We can’t afford another year of overwhelming victory against Republicans! If you’ve had enough of that sort of thing, then Terry McAuliffe is your man.

I’m being unfair, of course—I’m sure nobody’s told McAuliffe how those elections turned out.

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2 replies on “McAuliffe: We must reverse this trend of victory.”

  1. I saw T-Mac again at the meeting downtown today at the Doug Wilder Memorial Invitational. Oh, sorry, that should be Central Committee Meeting. He may not remember you, but you could be fooled into believing he is your best friend….until you come back to reality.

    I am sure he’s a good guy around the house, wife, kids. The problem is, we aren’t married to him.

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