Phoning it in.

Johnny Camacho recaps Bob Gibson’s hour-long interview with the Democratic gubernatorial candidates on WVTF, the NPR carrier for the western half of the state. Or, rather, Creigh Deeds, the only guy who showed up. Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran phoned it in, calling in during the latter minutes of the show. McAuliffe’s comment about drinking moonshine with Deeds is painfully pretentious.

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2 replies on “Phoning it in.”

  1. So, here’s Terry racing south on Rt29, yapping between dropped calls, and apologizing for being caught up in traffic. When he finally arrived at the studio he exclaimed that this was another example of something we needed to fix in Virginia – Transportation. I winced, thinking what me and about 30,000 voters in the Cville area already know – there isn’t support for a freeway to Fairfax. And someone who was listening to Virginia would know that, especially if they were looking back toward Washington instead of out of it.

  2. Yeah, that line was cringe-inducing. I’ve long since had enough of candidates who think they’re fitting in great, but in fact are just showing their stereotypes.

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