His shoes were made for walkin’?

Unable to get a taxi, Brian Moran walked the six miles from the Capitol to National Airport after the inauguration. That’s impressive.

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5 replies on “His shoes were made for walkin’?”

  1. Really? I think that’s about the dumbest article I have ever seen in the newspaper. Didn’t you walk the AT? Didn’t I walk several miles in Tyson’s Corner one time. That was impressive with all the toxic fumes off-gassing from the new products.

  2. I would be a lot more impressed if everyone I knew hadn’t also walked four to six miles yesterday. If he gets bonus points for anything, it’s having to cross the Potomac on foot. It was cold yesterday, and I bet that stretch was particularly windy.

  3. Brian: It was 2 miles from the Capital to Memorial Bridge, then 2.5 miles to National Airport. That is 4.5 miles and while I didn’t see you out there it may have been because I was skipping and singing with my gal. Seriously, that was some Washington-Crossing-the-Delaware weather. It would have killed Terry!

  4. I rolled. My house, across Key Bridge (where it was this cold), down Whitehurst (woo hoo, no cars!), and then along Virginia Ave to Constitution, where we locked up the bikes. Shockingly easy.

  5. That ain’t six miles. Hope you guys who live up there either had a great time or got the hell out of town, depending on…

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