Moran paying for signatures.

Fun fact: Brian Moran’s campaign is paying $0.50 to local committees for each valid signature that they get on the petition to get him on the ballot.

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  1. So how many signatures does he need? I thought they were going to have a convention or something to decide which one of the 3 would be the candidate?

  2. ilovepolitics,

    Whether it’s a convention or a primary (I’m pretty sure we’re looking at a primary here) there needs to be a way of winnowing out the hordes of random crazy people who would like to be on the ballot and appear at debates and so on. The idea is that to be on the ballot and get speaking time and all that stuff, you have to demonstrate that you have some sort of constituency that thinks you should be there. Hence the signature requirement. It’s usually a few thousand signatures from each Congressional District for a statewide race. Nothing that should be too hard for a real campaign with actual grassroots support to gather.

    But having to pay for your signatures is kind of lame. It’s generally a sign of a campaign that lacks real grassroots support and can not muster even the half dozen or so volunteers in each CD that would normally gather the signatures for free. I’m amazed that Moran’s campaign finds themselves in this position.

  3. I agree totally with you. It is bad that they are paying for signatures. I say how low will you go. I was even more shocked at him when he gave up his seat in the house to run for this thing full time. While Mr Deeds in in Richmond and can not raise funds Moran is out spending and raising along with the other fellow. He was in my area recently. A few folks showed up to his little lunch time gathering. Local media. Some media did not attend. I was not sure about Deeds when i 1st met him last year, but if Moran keeps pulling these little stunts Deeds may have a chance.

  4. Something to remember, though, is that it means one of two things for Creigh: Either he does indeed have an impressive level of grassroots support (enough to get the signatures in every district), or he simply doesn’t have the money to afford the same measures. I don’t know which it is, but better not to assume.

  5. While Terry McAuliffe is “talking” about bringing money to the local candidates, Brian Moran is “delivering” money to the local candidates!

    Yo, Terry, we’re going to need to renegotiate.

  6. Joe,

    We don’t have to guess about Creigh’s level of organization and support throughout VA. We can look back at his run for AG a few years ago and see that he had an excellent organization of his own in both the primary and in the general election.

    The very first thing that I ever noticed about Creigh when he showed up for the special convention to fill Emily Couric’s state Senate seat years ago was that his grassroots support was huge. That was what won him that seat. I mean, when he walked in the door most people in the Charlottesville/Albemarle end of the district had never even heard of him before. But his whole presence at that convention was so professional, with supporters bused in from around the district and a small army of volunteers putting signs up and handing out literature and making the case for him, that a lot of people changed their minds right there in the convention hall. There was no question that this was a guy and a campaign organization that could win and hold that seat for us.

  7. I suppose we’ll have to see what happens after session this year, Mr. Landers. From my personal vantage point (Richmond) and those friends I have been in touch with (Central VA), we’re a bit worried. If he thinks that NoVA and Richmond will just split 50/50 Moran and McAuliffe, that is a major mistake. 3 way races almost always result with one candidate losing all of their base to one of the others, and in that kind of a situation, Creigh would still be the underdog.

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