1920s-1960s Richmond photo archives on Flickr.

8th and Broad
Eighth and Broad, 1954.

Visiting the Library of Virginia today, I saw a big poster advertising that they’re participating in The Flickr Commons. And, lo, they are. They’ve uploaded 314 out-of-copyright photos from their collections. Some of my favorite photos are the most mundane: a pump being repaired in Byrd Park, an enormous IBM mainframe in City Hall, and the “Famous Health Studio.”

Some of these photos are mysteries, and they’d love to have people identify some of them. Where (and what) is this building under construction in Richmond? Who is this guy being given the key to the city? I’m glad these are being preserved, but doubly glad that they’re accessible to anybody with internet access.

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  1. I forwarded the link to my mother (she was born in 44 and lived in Richmond her whole life until she married my dad, when she was 34) because I figured she’d like to see them…and she wrote back to tell me that her best high school friend was in one of the pictures!

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