Goode promised nonexistent funding to Southside groups.

Former congressman Virgil Goode went on a little goodbye check-handing-out tour of the district, telling them that he’d gotten them federal funding. The trouble is that he hadn’t gotten the funding at all; the bill didn’t pass. Goode left these groups high and dry. He knew that the money wouldn’t come through, and didn’t tell them. That job fell to Rep. Tom Perriello. I have a hunch that Perriello staff is going to find a bunch of Goode’s little messes that need cleaning up.

(Via Mark Brooks)

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3 replies on “Goode promised nonexistent funding to Southside groups.”

  1. It could have been worse; he could have given existing tax payer dollars to non-existant Southside groups.

    …actually has anyone checked yet to make sure he didn’t?

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