Cranwell won’t run for LG.

Dickie Cranwell won’t seek the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor after all, Michael Sluss writes in the Roanoke Times today. Jody Wagner and Jon Bowerbank are both already in the race. I haven’t understand what slice of the Democratic electorate that Cranwell was hoping to get—that is, what his path to victory would be. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he decided not to get into the race. Plus, he’s chair of the DPVA, and we’re winning—the extent to which those things are correlated is unclear to me, but I don’t want to mess with a good thing.

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  1. I could see him rationally thinking that he would have earned the support of a lot of local party chairs, which could translate into some meaningful support in the primary. It wasn’t completely nuts for him to take a shot at this.

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