Who will bet against me on Jeff Frederick’s reelection promise?

I’ll put up $100 that says that Jeff Frederick will bail on his promise not to seek reelection. If I lose, I give $100 to the RPV. If I win, the other party will give $100 to the DPVA. But, of course, somebody has to bet against me.

Surely somebody out there thinks that Frederick isn’t a liar, and is willing to back that up with some cash. Who’s game?

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13 replies on “Who will bet against me on Jeff Frederick’s reelection promise?”

  1. Who is Jeff Frederick? It does amuse me when pols campaign on self-imposed term limits only to “discover” just how vital their continued presence in Richmond or Washington is.

  2. Who is Jeff Frederick?

    He’s the chair of the Republican Party of Virginia. He said that, if elected chair, he would not seek reelection to his House of Delegates seat.

    $100.00 — right here, to the DPVA if Frederick runs for the seat.

    That’s great! Thank you, Shaun. I’ll post a new blog entry about your acceptance of the challenge.

  3. It’s me. I’m in for at least $1,000. I’d suggest a donation to the winner’s favorite charity (and bragging rights for Shaun when we win). You in, Waldo?

  4. Well, no, because a) the bet was for $100, not $1,000 b) the bet has already been accepted by Shaun and c) it’s foolish to place a bet with somebody in a position to affect the outcome. If somebody else wants to accept your bet, though, that’s certainly fine by me.

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