Dusk weinerdogging.

Annie, Lady Bird and Me
Ado Annie and Lady Bird played frisbee this evening. Lady Bird’s not too bright, and doesn’t really know what to do with it. Annie, on the other hand, is a dog possessed.

After three days in Reno followed by four days in Avon, NC, I need a vacation vacation. Seven days off, four of those spent on airplanes or in cars. My 2008 carbon footprint is shot to hell.

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2 replies on “Dusk weinerdogging.”

  1. We just took Amtrak from Richmond to Savannah for a family wedding+vacation.

    $390 round trip for a family of four, took roughly the same amount of time as driving, and, best of all, I didn’t have to spend all those hours using my brain to do nothing more than keep a car betwixt ditches! (I got loads of work+studying done.)

    Nice, relaxing, energy-efficient and cost-effective way to travel…. (Train was even clean and reasonably close to on-time!)

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