Who is already sick and pale with grief.

New life goal: Arrange my existence such that I don’t need to wake up routinely before dawn or get home in the dark. Just last week the sun started coming up late enough to necessitate waking in the dark. (Where I live, an eastward-looming mountain range delays sunrise by 35 minutes.) And it will be just a few weeks until darkness begins to fall in the late afternoon.

By putting this on the same list as “orbit Earth” and “ride a motorcycle around the world,” it’s sure to happen.

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7 replies on “Who is already sick and pale with grief.”

  1. Step one: smash your alarm clock with a brick.

    Step two: stay up late every night with your wife, sipping wine.

    Step three: …there’s no step three! Enjoy waking up well past dawn every day (albeit occasionally with a mild headache).

  2. Waldo,

    I admire your goals, however, I’m disappointed to learn that “orbit Earth” and “ride a motorcycle around the world” are separate items. Obviously, you just need a big jump and a really powerful motorcycle.

  3. I’m reminded unpleasantly of the winters I spent in California; I was in college, all my classes were in the afternoons and evenings, and I frequently stayed up late partying or working. That meant that I often woke up at 12:30, hurried to a 1pm class, and stayed in class until 5pm — at which point it had already been dark for about 30 minutes. This means that I usually got around 25-30 minutes of sunlight every day. It was pretty depressing.

    This was also combined with California’s mild-but-frustrating winters, during which the temperature is around 70-80 degrees during the day, but drops to the 40s-50s at night, necessitating that one change pants at least once, if not twice a day. ugh.

    moral #1 = we should institute daylight-savings-time that runs year-round (extending its duration is the sole issue about which I have ever agreed with George W.)

    moral #2 = southern california is inhospitable and unpleasant, and a dramatically miserable place to live.

  4. Waldo, If you ride a motorcycle around the world, you better consider riding with me buddy. I’ll be the Charlie to your Ewan and we’ll make either a fantastic documentary or blog (or both). First I need to accomplish my goal of learning to ride a wheelie. Ideally I’d like to be taught by Charlie Boorman.

    If you don’t invite me I’ll get your parents on my side ;)


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