McCain has invited “Joe the Plumber” to join him on the campaign trail.

The McCain campaign has devolved into self-parody. We’re all living this, so I can’t imagine many of us have the perspective to see how utterly bizarre this is. But I’m imagining trying to explain this to teenagers a decade from now, and it’s just so stupid that I can’t see doing it while keeping a straight face. I thought that Huckabee carting around Chuck Norris on the campaign trail was about the most bizarre campaign trail schtick I’d ever heard of, but McCain has gone and topped it. Between Palin, Mr. The Plumber, and the legions of angry Palin suporters, this is going to be a good-old-fashioned three-ring circus.

Is it possible that he doesn’t know that this is an awful, awful idea?

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4 replies on “McCain has invited “Joe the Plumber” to join him on the campaign trail.”

  1. I hope Joe takes questions from the audience. Mine would be, “Mr. Plumber, who are you going to vote for?” just to hear him say that he is not even registered to vote.

  2. Whoa, what’s this?

    In response to an article that McCain called “Joe the Plumber” and invited him to join McCain on the campaign trail, someone writes:

    “Are the news reports correct that Joe the Plumber is actually Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the grandson of Charles Keating (of the Keating Five)? If so, then Joe’s dad would be Robert Wurzelbacher (Keating’s son-in-law) who testified against him in the savings & loan scandal, and went to federal prison for about 3 and a half years for misappropriating several million dollars.”

  3. Doug, he’s registered to vote (but if you applied the standards a lot of GOP state parties seem to hold, he would have been knocked off the rolls – his name is spelled wrong (by one letter)).

    Malena, I don’t think anyone has established with certainty the relationship between Robert W. and Joe. But if true, yes, hilarious.

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