Linwood Duncan quits working for Goode.

Linwood Duncan has resigned from his position with Rep. Virgil Goode “because of health reasons,” Bernard Baker writes in the Danville Register Bee. Duncan has worked for Goode since Goode was elected to congress in 1996. Duncan had a role in “Eden’s Curve,” to the homophobic Goode’s certain humiliation. That is, of course, the real reason for Duncan’s resignation.

Though I can’t say that Duncan and I have many friends in common, I’ve never heard an unkind word about the man.

10/28 Update: Lloyd Snook points out that Duncan also apparently quit the North Theatre board of directors.

2 thoughts on “Linwood Duncan quits working for Goode.”

  1. It was only a matter of time until this happened, after the movie information got out.

    This stinks. I think the concentration on teh gay instead of the hypocrisy was the wrong thing to do. I know it may not have been intended that way, but the classifier was always used. The ‘gay’ movie. The whispers to Virgil must have been pretty loud.

    If this is how Virgil sticks up for one of his long-time staff, it certainly says something about him as a man and as a boss.

    There is a lot more to this story that I can’t tell you.

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