The contest?

I just got a fundraising mass e-mail on behalf of Mark Warner from Jason Alexander, complete with “serenity now” and “summer of George” jokes. Really? George Costanza? With Warner up by by 40%, or wherever he’s at these days, this sort of thing seems unnecessary.

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2 replies on “The contest?”

  1. I didn’t read it as seriously as Jennifer; I’m just glad that if Warner’s going to send me email asking for money, it’s at least going to be a little bit funny. Because seriously–are any of us still giving him money? Are we concerned that his 300:1 fundraising advantage isn’t going to hold up?

    At this point, Warner’s campaigning just to remind us that he’s on the ballot this November–because some people seriously do forget that just because there isn’t a competitive opponent doesn’t mean there isn’t a competition in this race. If he can make Seinfeld jokes at the same time, well, so much the better.

    Anyone know if there’s a campaign staffer we can request King of Queens jokes to?

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