Halsey Minor for governor.com.com!

CNet founder and Republican Halsey Minor wants to run for governor of Virginia:

Though CNET brought Minor to the West Coast, where he still owns homes, his love for Virginia remains so strong that in 2007, he told a local paper that he was interested in becoming governor. Asked about it again, he nods. “I’ve been saying that for a long time, and I get more serious every time. I always have plenty of things I want to see, do, change.”

Minor—a Republican who admits to voting twice for George W. Bush—is surprisingly humble about his chances of winning. “I don’t spend enough time right now in Virginia to understand the complexity of the issues,” he says. “And I think I’m too blunt, ultimately.”

A moment later, humility goes out the window. “Why I think I’d be good, even though I’d be blunt, is that I think I’m very creative. I think I’m a good problem solver. And, you know, I have faith in my own decisionmaking process.” He adds, “Thomas Jefferson had James Madison to kind of make things happen. And maybe I’ll find a James Madison, and he can take my idealistic visions and get them implemented. ”

Read the whole profile to learn why this is such a hilariously bad idea. He’s got the money of Mark Warner, but all of the lovable attributes of Jim Gilmore and the myriad enemies of Harry Byrd. Maybe Republicans will have their own version of Terry McAuliffe.

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9 replies on “Halsey Minor for governor.com.com!”

  1. These California Republicans would be as popular in the RPV as the Mountain Valley Repubs. Mr. Minor, you need to talk to Chichester and Potts before you launch your campaign. Short version: Stay west old man. Stay west.

  2. Mr. Minor gave Paul Harris $50,000 in 1999, when Paul was running for the House of Delegates. Maybe Paul is his James Madison. (Hope not.)

  3. These California Republicans would be as popular in the RPV as the Mountain Valley Repubs.

    Yes, if a California Republican wants to be popular in Virginia, he needs to move here and pretend to be a good ol’ boy for a few years. It worked for George Allen…

  4. The only way to get someone to mention Halsey Minor for governor is for Halsey Minor to bring it up.

  5. Well, you can breath a sigh of relief since I am not running for governor. This article is from a tabloid.

    Notice how many people’s names are attached to quotes. The only named person, my friend Ted Waitt, they claimed no longer likes me. They never even interviewed him and they used a 5 year old publicity photo! Its seriously laughable.

    My favorite quote from some unnamed board member is that I am “psycho”. Maybe that’s how I built one of 2 NASDAQ 100 internet companies from scratch during all the madness and maintained a stable management team. Oh and I spun out 2 other multibillion companies including Vignette, the fastest growing software company in history. Now that’s psycho!!

    These are just stupid words in an article without a reason for being. And I’ll just stand by my accomplishments. Lets see if Portfolio makes it 10 years and gets bought for $2 billion by CBS. Something tells me I don’t have to worry about a follow up story in 5 years.

    So there you go Waldo. Next time mention I have a hotel I am building in Charlottesville thats opening next summer. Thats real information.

    First drink’s on me.

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