A Labor Day Blue Ridge tour.

Here’s today’s drive, already in progress:

It doesn’t actually contribute to the Commonwealth Quest, since I’ve already visited all of the counties and cities on the route, but I’ll be visiting a bunch of towns I’ve never been to: Aylor, Banco, Criglersville, Syria, Etlan, Peola Mills, Hawlin, Sperryville, Smedley, Washington, Rose Hill, Flint Hill, Wakefield (not that Wakefield), Huntley, Chester Gap, Riverside, Kings Eddy, Limeton, Bentonville, Overall, Compton, Rileyville, Vaughn, Big Spring, Springfield, Luray (shout-out to Skyline), Hamburg, Salem (not that Salem), Battle Creek, Newport, Grove Hill, Shenandoah, Verbena, and Jollett. I’ve walked the whole of this part of this state, and driven 81 and 29 many times, but it’s these areas east of 81, west of 29, and on either side of the Shenandoah National Park that I’m just not familiar with, but I’m looking forward to visiting today.

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  1. Hope its going well for Shenandoah. They had some awful (and perhaps mysterious) fires in their downtown over the last couple of years. Really a shame.

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