Biden and bankruptcy.

This bailout bill debate could be really bad for Joe Biden and, by extension, Obama. If talk turns to helping out struggling homeowners, and not just CEOs, it’s only a matter of time until somebody points out that Biden is responsible for their inability to declare bankruptcy.

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4 replies on “Biden and bankruptcy.”

  1. It’s OK, Joe remembers when during the Great Depression FDR got on TV and talked to the nation.

    Joe does come from the credit card state

  2. Was that FDR/TV story on Drudge or something? I have heard it a dozen times in the last 18 hours, and aside from it showing that Biden’s mouth outpaces his brain (a hidden fact, to be sure!), I don’t get what great insight it is supposed to demonstrate.


    One of my big dislikes about Biden has been his work on behalf of MBNA and the bankruptcy bill. An entirely decent thing to savage him on. Of course, after anyone does that, we should immediately ask how they voted on those same issues . . .

  3. Ditto MB. Bone-headed thing to do. Not a lot of non-boneheaded people around to call him out on it, unfortunately, except the private saps like us.

  4. Biden, who nickname is “crazy joe”, said the following FDR TV thing on the nightly news with Couric (and was on last night on The Daily Show). If it’s good enough for Stewart it’s got to be fair game here.

    He is a smart guy who does silly things not SCARY things.

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