Webb not interested in VP spot.

From a statement issued by Sen. Jim Webb this afternoon:

Last week I communicated to Senator Obama and his presidential campaign my firm intention to remain in the United States Senate, where I believe I am best equipped to serve the people of Virginia and this country. Under no circumstances will I be a candidate for Vice President.

I have to wonder whether he’s decided that he’s not interested (unlikely) or whether Obama has taken Webb out of the running, and this is how Webb can save face. I remain convinced that Webb is the right man for the job, but that point has been mooted. The good news is that Webb will remain my senator.

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8 replies on “Webb not interested in VP spot.”

  1. Wha…..?

    This feels like Mark Warner dropping out of the Presidential election all over again. For crissakes. I just want a Virginia Democrat for President or Vice President. Why do they keep doing this to us?

    All we’re asking is that one of them devote every waking second of the next 8.5 years to serving us and fending of constant criticism of their every move. Seriously, the nerve.

  2. I agree with MB that he does more good as a Senator than as VB. That’s not a slight, it’s an acknowledgement of the Herculean effort of getting his GI bill through both chambers of Congress with a veto-proof majority.

    Also without slighting Webb, I’ll say that I think the efforts of some folks to start petitions calling for Webb’s nomination was, if anything, counter-productive. Barack Obama is running to be the chief executive and leader of this country, and as such he cannot suffer the appearance that he’s surrendering his decision-making responsibilities to a bunch of bloggers circulating a petition.

  3. Webb’s biggest problem may be that he’s the right man for several jobs!

  4. Back in May, The Hill interviewed the 97 Senators that weren’t running for prez what their thoughts were on a VP spot. Jim Webb stated, “I’m not really interested. That’s all I want to say.” That was clear enough for me then and I knew Webb would stick to his word. End of speculation.

  5. The guy had barely washed the dried blood of his 2006 campaign off – been called a pornographer, sexist, closet Republican. Had to beg for party funding and constantly fight to keep on message so that he could get to Washington and turn the debate…and people wanted him to go out and do it again, for someone else? I think it’s time for another great American to step up and give Jim Webb a breather. He’s earned it.

  6. Bill Richardson would make an excellent secretary of state. However, he lacks the charisma needed to be the fundraiser that VP is.

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