No Twitter for you.

I have a private Twitter feed, and every day somebody discovers it and requests to follow it. Don’t be offended, but I’m not going to approve you. I use Twitter to communicate with a very small group of friends (just nine in all), largely about programming. My updates are things like “Why is there no OCR software appliance in the cloud? I upload a few GB of TIFFs, you give me text.” and “It’s too nice out to be fighting with CentOS/Apache file permissions.” You’re not missing out anything, I promise.

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7 replies on “No Twitter for you.”

  1. So the wecanbelievein site. . .it has a link to the official Barack Obama for President site at the bottom of the page, but the only ads I’ve seen appear on the righthand side have been John McCain ads. Weird. Also, whether you answer yes or no to the question of “Is it OK to meet unconditionally with anti-American foreign leaders?” you are told to “elect a leader with good judgment” and donate to McCain’s campaign. Talk about straddling the fence.

  2. Dan – the ads seem to be paid for by mccain – that disclaimer is embedded in the ad.

    Not sure which came first, the site or the advertising, but if the site was there and someone in mccain’s camp offered the ads, that’s a smart play, IMO.

  3. I think that Twitter may be the dividing line between my open youth and my Get Off My Lawn! old age. I don’t get Twitter. At all.

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