Ingraham spam, courtesy of the RPV.

My subscription to the RPV’s mailing list has now yielded a subscription to a movement to get that harpy Laura Ingraham back on the air, in addition to my prior membership on John Hager’s mailing list. Giving my e-mail address to the RPV is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a good thing I used a throw-away address. Maybe this is how they’re raising money now, selling their subscriber lists?

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5 replies on “Ingraham spam, courtesy of the RPV.”

  1. That must be the case, cause once you sell your soul to the devil, what else is left?

  2. I don’t trust *any* political org with my proper email address. So when I donate, or get on a list, etc, I always use an address specific to that instance (e.g., Morrison06@bla . . etc.). Rather easy to see who sells/trades to who (despite my opting out of that whenever available). Conclusion, after years of this? Everyone sells, and most everyone lies about it (earlier this year I had a really galling exchange about this very practice with a VA org that should *really* know better).

  3. Surely you have gotten mail generated due to DPVA selling our mailing addresses and profiles? I get things all the time that only could have gotten to me through progressive means, Save the Bay, etc.

    DPVA is selling the voter roll, and not only to candidates. They are raising money by doing most unprogressive things.

  4. I haven’t gotten mail like that, at least that I’ve noticed. I have a PO box that I give out anytime somebody asks for my address but doesn’t actually need to know where I live. That’s been my junk-mail address for many years now, and I’ve never tried to puzzle through where all of that crap comes from. (I go on a big unsubscribing binge every few years.) I feel quite certain that I’ve never gotten any spam (that is, e-mail) as a result of the DPVA — since I run my own mail server, I can employ a variety of tactics to track who is sharing my e-mail address who shouldn’t be.

  5. And just a couple of days after this, I find that another VA political org that I certainly never consented to sharing my info has done exactly that. Sure would be nice if I could figure out who did that.

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