A bubbly review of VQR.

The Magazineer loves us, they really love us! It’s always nice when somebody says they came to VQR via our blog. Incidentally, don’t miss Heather Champ’s “How to Read The New Yorker in 10 Easy Steps,” from back in January. If you read The New Yorker, it’s pretty funny. If you don’t, it’s probably just mystifying and pedantic.

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2 replies on “A bubbly review of VQR.”

  1. I’m one of those people who keeps up with the New Yorker by browsing…until I get motivated and try to read all the articles (especially the excellent in-depth articles on politics and foreign policy), at which point I start getting woefully behind as new issues show up before I’m done with previous ones; my unread stack grows until I capitulate and let my subscription lapse. I then sit and stare at about a year’s worth of unread New Yorkers until I capitulate again and put them all in the recycling bin.

    And then I start over….

    I just recycled my old unread stack, so it’s time to renew my delusions once again!

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