Del. Kilgore under investigation by the bar.

Del. Terry Kilgore is under investigation by the Virginia State Bar for possible ethical misconduct, Daniel Gilbert writes in a lengthy article for the Bristol Herald Courier. He’s accused of letting an attorney claim that Kilgore was an attorney in a case — a case that he had nothing to do with — in order to benefit from a legal standard that extends the statute of limitations when the client’s attorney is in the General Assembly and the GA is in session. Kilgore admits to the charges, but says that it was a simple misunderstanding of the law. The attorney in question has given over $25k to the Kilgores’ campaigns.

There’s a seemingly steady drip of legal problems involving the Kilgore family. If any of it has added up to anything, I don’t know about it, but maybe a reader from SWVA could provide some details.

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  1. Where’s the press on this?

    It’s the press’ job do connect the dots on things like this. So, why aren’t they showing the patterns?

    Dan Rather had this to say on the subject:

    In our news media, in our press, those who wield power were, in the lead-up to Iraq, given the opportunity to present their views as a coherent whole, to connect the dots, as they saw the dots and the connections… no matter how much these views may have flown in the face of precedent, established practice — or, indeed, the facts (as we are reminded, yet again, by the just-released Senate report on the administration’s use of pre-war intelligence). The powerful are given this opportunity still, in ways big and small, despite what you may hear about the ‘post-Katrina’ press.

    “But when a tough question is asked and not answered, when reputable people come before the public and say, ‘wait a minute, something’s not right here,’ the press has treated them like voices crying in the wilderness. These views, though they might be given air time, become lone dots — dots that journalists don’t dare connect, even if the connections are obvious, even if people on the Internet and in the independent press are making these very same connections. The mainstream press doesn’t connect these dots because someone might then accuse them of editorializing, or of being the, quote, ‘liberal media.’

    Nothing has been more poisonous to the public discourse in this country than the conservative movement’s vilification of truth under the attack line of “liberal media”.

    Nixon and Agnew’s great legacy of press retardation.

  2. Section 30-5 exists, according the Supreme Court of Virginia, to allow members of the General Assembly (who are lawyers) to fully devote their time to their legislative duties and at the same time avoid the embarrassment of missing court deadlines in their law practice. 30-5 gives attorneys in the GA a “get of jail free” card if they miss a statute of limitations (or a deadline for filing a pleading). It’s a good law, and it works very well when it’s not abused.

    It does not exist so that attorneys who are not GA members can skirt statutes of limitations.

    If (emphasis on “if”) everything in that story is accurate, both Kilgores involved should be disciplined by the VSB and by the judge in the case.

  3. This is just the tip of the slack-ass lawyer business. The lady has an unsettled claim relative to an auto accident, retains an attorney who allows the statute of limitations to expire, and with it, her ability to reclaim damages.

    Then the slack-ass lawyer club circle the wagons and refuse to represent the lady in a suit against the lead slack-ass lawyer for damages. So while Kilgore and Kilgore will have their day in court, the lady remains uncompensated, misrepresented, and still looking for her day in court.

    I’d make a joke about the sorry state of lawyering, but the lawyers wouldn’t think it was funny and the rest of you wouldn’t think it was a joke.

  4. Is that really Frank Kilgore posting defensive screeds over at RK (under the username heywaitaminute)? If it is . . . good god. Someone get that man a lawyer who can get him under control.

    (And apropos of Bubby’s comment above, there are other posters (socks?) in the same thread who seem to think that circling the wagons is a good deed . . .)

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