Bob Marshall to join Hendrick Motorsports?

Del. Bob Marshall, in his glorious, glorious refusal to endorse Jim Gilmore for U.S. Senate, makes the hilarious claim to Tim Craig that “he put 215,000 miles on his car during his Senate campaign this spring.” Let’s generously say that “spring” began January 1, giving him five months of driving time. That’s an average of 1,430 miles per day, an average of 80 mph, assuming he drives 18 hours per day without stopping. (It’s no wonder that he’s opposed to those abusive driver fees.) Between Marshall’s elite driving skills and Pat Robertson’s superhuman strength, I see now that Virginia Republicans are truly a force to be reckoned with.

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6 replies on “Bob Marshall to join Hendrick Motorsports?”

  1. Um, does that include the time he spent in Richmond for the General Assembly? Because I think he was actually in session for those two months.

    He may be counting the miles he travels each day during session going to and from Richmond (he sleeps at home every night, so that’s Manassas to Richmond and back every day). So 200 miles a day for 60 days is what, 12,000 miles?

    What did his staff do, keep driving his car around the block while Marshall was speaking? Drive all night while he slept in the back?

  2. Guess you two have never heard of a “figure of speech”?????

    I applaud Bob Marshall for having the integrity to go against his governor, his fellow representatives and citizens to take the lawbreaking Transportation Authority before the State Supreme Court so it could be declared unconstitutional. Taxation without representation has been one of the cornerstones of our great country and some of us were ready to have a “Hampton Roads Teaparty” but we did not have to do that THANKS to a Great Virginian named BOB MARSHALL and I am sorry that he did not get the Senate nod! We need someone with integrity and courage representing us!

  3. “I’ve been busier than a one-armed paperhanger” = figure of speech

    “I’ve put 215,000 miles on my car during the Senate campaign this spring ” = exageration

  4. “I’ve put a million miles on my car during the Senate campaign this spring” = exaggeration

    “I’ve put 215,000 miles on my car during the Senate campaign this spring” = misstatement of fact, possibly caused by innumeracy

  5. Let’s give Bob Marshall a break. He likely just inverted the numbers are really did put 521,000 miles on his vehicle. WOW – hope he drives a hybrid.

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