Senate video on Richmond Sunlight.

It’s required weeks of work, and a lot of really intense work over the past five days, but I can finally talk about it: Richmond Sunlight now has Senate video archived and interwoven with the site, with all the video shared via Google Video, free for anybody to repurpose. The Sunlight Foundation gave us a grant to buy the video from the Senate, and I hauled it all home and started ripping it. My desktop is running 24/7, ripping DVDs, converting those files into massive QuickTime files, downsampling those to 150-250MB QuickTime files, and uploading those to Google Video. Only two days of video are on the site so far, but more will be added every day.

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  1. There was a question and post on raisingkaine about divestment ( VRS and Virginia) from interests in the Sudan. Someone thought Ken Cuccinelli introduced it first. I believed it to be Del. Valentine. I went to Richmond Sunlight and it looks like Shannon introduced it in January ’07( before Cuccinelli). Can you tell if anyone introduced any divestment bills before ’07?

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