AFP, Harris, Toscano and McDonnell. Oh, my.

I got a robocall this afternoon from former delegate Paul Harris (he held Rob Bell’s seat for just two terms, back in the 90s, and long ago moved to Northern Virginia and took a job with Raytheon), inviting me to a “town hall” meeting at an area hotel. The event is led by Harris, Del. David Toscano, and attorney general Bob McDonnell. It’s sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

There’s just so much about this that’s bizarre. Paul Harris? Really? Nobody’s seen him around these parts for a decade. He’s on the board of the Virginia arm of AFP, so that explains that connection. And what’s Toscano doing at an AFP event? And where does McDonnell fit in here? And why hold such a thing in Charlottesville? It’s just goofy.

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  1. Paul Harris’ name in GOP chairman mix

    Paul C. Harris, a former member of the House of Delegates from Albemarle County, may join the race for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia if current Chairman John H. Hager decides not to seek another term.

    Harris, who chairs Americans for Prosperity/Virginia, would be an excellent choice if Hager steps down, a veteran GOP member of the House said tonight.

    Hager did not seem at all surprised about the speculation involving Harris, who lives in Manassas and works as a lawyer in Northern Virginia.

    “I’m still in the process of finally deciding one way or another,” Hager said tonight of his decision whether to seek a full term as chair when the party holds its statewide convention May 31 in Richmond.

    “I’m leaning toward running,” Hager said. “I think we’ve done an outstanding job.”

    Hager said he would make his decision “very shortly.”

    “We don’t need a lot of divisiveness. We need to unify the party,” he said. “We’ve got a big job to do. I’ve been focused on that job.”

    Hager said he is certain that Harris would not run against him for the post.

    Del. Jeff Frederick, R-Woodbridge, is running for the position, the Prince William County Republican lawmaker confirmed.

    A former colleague of Harris said that he would be a great person for the job if Hager decides not to seek another term.

    State Chairman Paul Harris &

    Regional Chairman Scott Sayre

    Invite You to A

    Legislative Town Hall Meeting

    On Saturday, February 23rd from 2:30 to 3:30p.m.

    At the Courtyard Marriott-Charlottesville North-638 Hillsdale Drive.

    Meet and Hear Attorney General Bob McDonnell, Delegate Ben Cline, & Delegate David Toscano Discuss the Current Fiscal Issues Facing our Commonwealth in the current General Assembly session.

    Get answers to your questions about the $2BILLION budget shortfall, and how legislators plan WORK TOGETHER to cut spending WITHOUT raising taxes. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

    Please RSVP to or call 804-380-9240

  3. Robo-calls are repugnant. I don’t care how worthwhile your cause is; do NOT call me with a fucking robot.

    Ever try to hang up on a robot? Your line is held by the robot until the robot chooses to terminate the call. Go on, hang up. Wait a little while. Now pick up. THE ROBOT IS STILL THERE, blathering away. Need to call 911? Tough shit: the robot hasn’t finished yet. You may use your phone at the convenience of the robot.

    Robot dialers are evil. Any organization who uses robot dialers deserves the worst sort of counter-attacks.

    I called the Americans for Prosperity, at the number on their web page ( (the robot declined to leave a phone number). They angrily denied that they were using robot dialers.

    I’m in favor of prosperity, myself. But this is just cheesy.

  4. I think McDonnell suspects he’s more competitive among Republican voters in moderate-sized towns and suburban areas than Bolling, and he’s trying to start doing some outreach to primary voters who live in those areas. It’s definitely a weird place to come to do some voter outreach, though, because I’d expect to see Creigh draw in moderate Republicans whom he represents in this district, lowering overall Republican participation. Nevertheless, I expect he’s going to try and focus on turning out Tom Davis-style Republicans in suburban/exurban communities with a fiscal message while going after small-town/rural Republicans with his message of, um, “Gays are immoral, and I don’t remember if I’ve ever sodomized my wife?”

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