5 replies on “VT at UVa.”

  1. Yeah, but if he doesn’t get some help, the Hoos aren’t going to win many games.

    Hope you’re having a good time.

  2. Ooooh, too bad UVA doesn’t have anyone else good or they might have WON :)

    Sorry, Waldo, I had to say something.

  3. Seriously though, Singletary is all they’ve got. He scored half of UVa’s points, easy.

    I got this stereotypical camera phone shot one second before the end of the game, as the ball was dropping into the hoop:

    At the Buzzer

    UVa might have lost, but it was quite a game. And, being a VT alumnus, it’s not like I can be particularly upset by the outcome. :)

  4. The way it looks now, at least two of the CAA teams in the state are better than Virginia’s two ACC members. Of course, I’m referring to VCU and Mason.

    Unless UVa. and Tech both improve, in February they may be battling one another for last place in the ACC.

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