Albo’s self-serving legislation.

Everybody’s introducing bills to repeal the abusive driver fees. Everybody other than Del. Dave Albo. He’s the only one bucking the trend, having introduced a bill to broaden the application of abuser fees. It sounds strange, until one considers that Albo is an attorney, with Albo & Oblon, LLP, specializing in “serious traffic law” — getting people off when they’ve been charged with the most reckless of behavior on our roads, or precisely the sort of behavior that abuser fees are meant to deal with.

Now Albo & Oblon is expanding: they’re opening four new offices across the state, focusing on traffic law, doubling the size of their firm in the next year. Albo is banking on business improving a great deal.

Tim Stachowitz explains. (Via Bacon’s Rebellion)

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  1. It will serve Albo right when he’s kicked out of office and stuck with four expensive new practices that are not benefiting from the recently repealed abuser fees.

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