Self waterboarding.

This guy waterboarded himself to see if it’s as bad as it’s said to be. Turns out, yes. It’s not “simulated drowning,” it’s straight-up drowning. (Via MeFi)

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8 replies on “Self waterboarding.”

  1. In fact, Dan, I have no opinion one way or the other regarding waterboarding done against terrorists in custody. Unlike many, I do not take my cues from sound bites in the MSM. The buzz words surrounding this issue elicit knee-jerk reactions from the unwashed masses (OMG!! We have CIA people doing that kind of torture?!?! That’s just AWFUL!!) Those are the people the media is targeting, and also the ones represented in most polls. Of course, we also have soldiers who are trained to shoot people and kill them. Waterboarding terrorists is somehow worse than killing professional soldiers? I honestly don’t know the answer to that, since I don’t let CNN or Fox tell me what I’m supposed to think.

    If and when I get the opportunity to talk to some people who have real knowledge about the actual practice of waterboarding, I’ll probably form an opinion about it. That will probably occur over the holidays.

    What I won’t do, though, is have my mind on it made up by either a reporter with an agenda or a dumb SOB who nearly kills himself and then blogs about it, as if what he did has any relation to reality.

  2. Not sure where your experience with the military comes from, Publius, but none of the soldiers I know shoot and kill people after they’ve been disarmed and captured. And I bet you don’t, either.

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