3 replies on “Gen. Y the biggest library users.”

  1. A free net cafe, perhaps?

    Of course, for the more traditional paperbound series of books, I’d much rather buy it and bring it home like a lost puppy. Which doesn’t make Mrs. Kenney all that happy, but I do have one impressive library!

    The more surveys I see like this, the more curious I am about the Gen XY phenomenon (anyone born between 1975-1980). Not just because I’m smack dab in the middle of that set, but because it seems to bring together the best of both generations.

  2. Shaun pegged it. I visit several local libraries quite regularly, and the one constant is Gen Y’ers sitting at the computers.

    They couldn’t care less about those odd little things with pages that line the walls.

  3. Actually, I’m always thrilled that the folks at the computers in the Arlington Central Library (my preferred take-a-break-from-the-office site when it’s cold) are rarely “Gen Y”. They’re mostly adults older than me (i.e., 35+) who appear to be reading news or researching particular subjects. I find that encouraging.

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