9 thoughts on “Think locally. Drink globally.”

  1. Amen to that, brother. Williamsburg Wineries is still my fave, though I was recently introduced to Rappahannock Cellars, and enjoy them very much as well.

    Always glad to see our Old Dominion taking on the “Olde World” in wine production. :)


  2. I’ve been so into Virginia wines lately, I’m starting to have contempt for those in my collection not from Virginia. Am I becoming oenoxenophobic?

  3. Three Foxes is one of my favorite vineyards, and it’s a bike ride away… though trying to bring back more than two bottles is still challenging me.

    La Grange is closer, but their wines are from all over the state. Have not been to Chrysalis yet, and they are just around the hill.

    As for the imported stuff from foreign lands like France and California…
    C’est la vie!

  4. Eating locally or organic is not always great as far as carbon intensity goes, sometimes the sheer efficiency of say a Walmart or any other super market delivery system can on a per calorie level be much less carbon intensive than some farmer loading up the back of his gas guzzling truck and driving it 45 minutes to the farmers market.

    I know it is very counter intuitive, but Walmart in particular is absolutely fanatical about squeezing every efficiency it can out of its system. Energy costs money, hence they are targeting that like a smart bomb. Of course that is just the delivery system . . .

    Now of course if we are talking about the multiple reasons it is important to having a functioning local food economy, then that it is a different thing all together.

  5. Jon – you do have a point on the system effcency, but there’s something downright evil to me about a company that systematically destroys local business ecosystems.

    as for VA wine, Williamsburg stuff is pretty good, and I stopped by Oakencroft on Waldo’s suggestions a few weeks back. Also had some good stuff (particularly their “Encore” ice wine)

  6. Nice post, I ended up running into it from Doc Vino. While we’re on the subject of VA wine, Barboursville Vineyards and White Hall are both excellent, and lovely to go tour. I may have to start favoring France over California, especially Kysela wines since they import direct to Virginia, saving money and carbon.

  7. Rockbridge Vineyards, whose wine was considered a wonderful joke back in the early 1990s, has come a looong way. I recommend a visit if anyone’s coming to the area. And this year’s drought was great for them and other wineries, if terrible for all the other farmers.

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