Ron Paul spammers — the beginning of a trend?

How insane are Ron Paul supporters? Most of ’em appear to be nuts, but it turns out they’re actually spammer nuts. I’ve received variants of this twice in the past 24 hours, each time with some weak methods of evading anti-spam software:

From: “hamish lalitha”
Subject: Who Is Ron Paul? dUZPvx
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007

Hello Scott,

Ron Paul is for the people, unless you want your children to
have human implant RFID chips, a National ID card and create
a North American Union and see an economic collapse far worse
than the great depression. Vote for Ron Paul he speaks the
truth and the media and government is afraid of him go to and you
will see his large base. Get motivated America, don’t believe
the lies of the media he has also WON the GOP Debate On Sunday!
Value Freedom instead of corporate lies and corruption. Bypass
this media blackout they are doing to Ron Paul, tell your family
and friends and get involved in a local group at make
your voice heard! He will end the War In Iraq immediately,
He will eliminate the IRS and wasteful government spending, and
eliminate the Federal Reserve and restore power to the people
and the only person not a member on the CFR. Can any other runner
make these claims?


He has NEVER voted:
* to raise taxes
* for an unbalanced budget
* to raise congressional pay
* for a federal restriction on gun ownership
* to increase the power of the executive branch

He HAS voted:
* against the Iraq war
* against the inappropriately named USA PATRIOT act
* against regulating the internet
* against the Military Commissions Act

Video Ron Paul Goes Head to Head With Bernanke Explaining
Why The US Dollar Has Dropped And Foreclosure Rate Is Sky
High: Must See:
He will eliminate the IRS, Wasteful Government Spending &
Stop The Iraq War Immediately!

Most importantly, he voted NO on anything in Congress that
is not allowed by the Constitution.

Google: “Ron Paul” Today! Join The Revolution!


This wasn’t sent to my standard address but, rather, an very old address that is a spam magnet because of its regular appearance on ancient webpages.

Ironically, Ron Paul’s vociferous supporters have earned the nickname of “Ron Paul spammers” for their collective habit of swooping into any discussion forum or online poll where his name has been invoked and utterly derailing the conversation by crapflooding the forum with pro-Paul talking points. But this is the first instance of actual Ron Paul spam, at least that I’ve heard of.

I’m left wondering whether this is just some lone nut, or if we’re seeing the leading edge of a new tactic that will be employed by the very dumbest of the grassroots. Want to get out your preferred candidate’s talking points? Want to get the vicious lies directly in the hands of voters? For a few hundred bucks you can e-mail them directly to a hundred million people. Desperate campaigns may even do it themselves.

It’s best not to confuse a candidate with his supporters, as many people made the mistake of doing with Howard Dean, so I’m trying not to hold this against Paul. But I can’t see receiving many more of these — no matter who they serve — without starting to get cranky.

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  1. People really do get upset about a random email? Why? And here this whole time I thought SPAM was just a cover for the government to start regulating and criminalizing the Internet.

  2. Wow. So much stupid in one comment.

    People really do get upset about a random email?

    Upset? Who’s upset? I specifically pointed out that I wouldn’t “get cranky” until I received more.

    Would you be upset if I put one flyer under your car’s windshield wiper or your front door? What about 150 a day? Would you dislike me any less if I was just one of 150 people doing it in a day?

    And here this whole time I thought SPAM was just a cover for the government to start regulating and criminalizing the Internet.

    Alison, watch this one closely: This dude is crazy. And I mean that literally. Ironically — or perhaps utterly appropriately — that would seem to reinforce the opening paragraph of this blog entry.

  3. Ah, my friend, we are all crazy. I think you are perhaps crazy in a more dangerous way for taking tiny matters with such seriousness and responding with such defamation. It shows a real lack of character on your part. You were obviously upset to some extent about “Ron Paul” or you would not have made an entire post trying to discredit his support over a random email you received at an old email address. It’s not the beginning of a trend, it’s a continuation of an old trend that has been going on for months. Little whiny rats attack what they perceive to be the lowest-lying fruit on the Ron Paul tree. “Oh no, Ron Paul spam!” “Oh no, a white pride group supports the most black-friendly candidate!” “Hey, this guy is crazy because he set a honey pot for me to show my true lack of character on my own website and I fell for it!” Watch where ya point the finger because it’ll usually come back around and get stuck where it belongs.

  4. I get 10 pieces of snail mail a day. Sometimes Bed bath and beyond send me mail every day.

    So you got an e-mail in an old e-mail mailbox.

    Tell me what else really gets you bothered. Bombing women and children for oil probably is OK, isn’t it.

    But that e-mail, boy, that really sucks.

    Ron Paul 2008

  5. Wow.

    My point just keeps getting made.

    Y’all have obviously never read a word of my blog. I’m not sure you even read this blog entry. You’d be hard-pressed to find many Democrats (yeah, I’m a Democrat, a libertarian Democrat at that) who supports Ron Paul’s agenda more than I do. He seems like a good guy. But you people make him look like an asshole. You’re like Deaniacs, only perennially angry.

    Keep up the good work! We Democrats thank you.

  6. Who has been paying the main stream media to continue to try and convince us that there is a difference between dems and republicans?

    I voted all democrat last election and still didn’t get the troops home. If Ron Paul isn’t elected, I’ll gladly raise a militia and bring the battle to your front door.

    Its time to stand up and right the wrong we have all been part of. If America is so great, why won’t you walk down the street with a George Bush USA shirt on in Bagdad, Tehran, Lebanon, or 99 out of any 100 foreign cities?

    Because they’d cut your head off.

    Your country went to Iraq to find WMD, and they did, and it was us.

  7. No Waldo, I’m crazy, officially, Social Security says so, the Washington Post will say so soon if that story ever makes it in, these guys are just weird and hostile. I would say they are bizarre but we all know what that would lead to….:) And with the militia thing, they are a little scary too and possibly seditious. But not crazy. :)

  8. Waldo, Ron Paul attracts this type of supporter because he is that type of candidate. From what I have read about his political positions and the rhetoric in his campaign literature he’s earned every lunatic supporter he’s got.

  9. Wow, this post is all kinds of hysterical.

    “You were obviously upset to some extent about “Ron Paul” or you would not have made an entire post trying to discredit his support over a random email you received at an old email address.”

    I love the use of scare quotes around “Ron Paul” here. It’s almost like he’s not real. Like there’s a mythical Ron Paul that Waldo’s trying to discredit (by pointing to, oh noes! Spam!) and a real Ron Paul who’s totally not the same as whatever that mean bastard writing this blog, whatever it’s about, Jaquiths or something, who cares, it says “Ron Paul” on the front page, said. Because omg, Ron Paul votes NO, like all the time, we should decriminalize the Intertubes, the government is going to regulate everything and then the end of times, it will be here*.

    *I consider myself to be a Democratic-libertarian/economist/yay free markets type, but that doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at this stuff. Gotta keep it in perspective.

  10. You know, the Ron Paul national headquarters is a few blocks from my house. And in 2004, we had Bush’s HQ down the street.

    Arlington suffers so you don’t have to, it seems.

  11. Wow, this exchange has completely changed my mind about the Ron Paul people. I had been thinking of them as a sort of refreshingly energetic, if Quixotic bunch. I was wrong. They’re just idiots.

    Lyndon LaRouche had better watch out because the Ron Paul people seem to be giving him a run for his money in the ‘obnoxious, crazy idiots’ category.

  12. As a Ron Paul supporter, I find this sort of behavior highly embarrassing. That said, it takes just one lone script kiddie to write an email scraper and send out spam. Why don’t you post the email headers? It could just be one lone nutcase, or perhaps someone trying to discredit Ron Paul (the digg spamming script that turned out to be a hoax comes to mind – it was created by a former Ron Paul supporter, for example).

    At this point Ron Paul has thousands of supporters across the country, and the campaign can’t control everything that happens, but in the grand scheme of things I guess spamming is relatively harmless compared to buying votes, or having dead people voting for you.

    I am a Ron Paul organizer for my local group, and it is a very diverse bunch of people. We do everything in the open and above-board, but there are over one hundred members in the group and I can’t possibly control what they all do.

    I’m sorry your introduction to Ron Paul has been through the indefensible actions of a few ne’er do wells on the internet.

    In other news, Mike Huckabee and Hillary Clinton supporters have at times hired proxy bloggers to shill for them. At least we’re all volunteer shills.

    Sorry you were spammed.

    Dan Greene,

  13. You know what really freaks me out? There are signs that to some degree, this sort of campaigning worked. There are obviously some friggin’ crazy Ron Paul supporters out there, but you can’t get a couple thousand lunatics to spend their afternoon googling “Ron Paul blog” without somehow reaching out and tapping into the schizophrenic middle-aged median-income white anglo saxon infrequent-church-going protestant demographic that–apparently–feels like they’ve been severely under-represented in today’s government.

    Seriously, it’s an amazing thing to me, and I don’t understand how he did it. But I am in awe. I keep wanting to celebrate that special flavor to Ron Paul’s candidacy by sporting a campaign button to work that says “I support Ron Paul for President, and so do I.”

    For the People and the Constitution, Waldo! THE PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION!!1 kthxbai

  14. First off, your CAPTCHA question is really funny if you don’t allow “Democrat” [sic] as an answer. I’ve become much more attentive to that phenomenon since you brought it up here, and it seems to be really common.

    The Ron Paul spam seems to be the work of a botnet. Can’t say I’m happy about it. It does seem that the nutty conspiracy theorist and in-your-face Ron Paul supporters are ruining things for the sane ones, not to mention making the campaign look bad. Ron Paul himself is quite levelheaded and intelligent, as are the majority of his supporters. You just can’t hear us because the in-your-face ones are hogging the microphone.

  15. From a Joel Stein profile of Ron Paul in Time:

    Representative Tom Tancredo, another long-shot GOP candidate, tells me that after a debate in New Hampshire, one of his staffers walked up to a guy in a shark costume and asked him if he was a Ron Paul supporter. “No. They’re all nuts,” replied the shark. “I’m just a guy in a shark suit.”

  16. Hmm. Sadly it looks like spam works.

    ” Paul Raises More Than $3.5M in One Day
    Nov 5 09:55 PM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, aided by an extraordinary outpouring of Internet support Monday, hauled in more than $3.5 million in 20 hours.”

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