Cape Hatteras

I’m on my third day of a 3.5 day mini-vacation in the Outer Banks, down in Avon. The sky is so blue that my iPhone can’t take a proper picture of the cape — everything has a blue wash over it, an artifact of an overwhelmed CCD.

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5 replies on “Mini-vacation.”

  1. I believe it is a matter of white balance. If you have a spot of white in the picture it is pretty easy to adjust with software after the fact. It is rather miraculous to see the correct colors emerge.

  2. Wow – you didn’t get stuck on that beach with a rental AWD vehicle, did you? Also, did you get to check out any ghost crabs at sundown?

  3. Nope, we did just fine taking somebody else’s SUV. As long as that tire pressure is nice and low, it seems to work out fine.

    The crab situation was strange. There were only teeny-tiny crabs. I guess sometime in October is when a new bunch hatch and the big ones die?

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