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  1. MB, that was my first thought also. Republicans should definitely stay away from “storm” names, especially in areas where they’re making immigration a big part of their message.

  2. Yeah Judge,

    The student was definitely the thug in that exchange.

    Polite? no.
    In need of a tazing? c’mon!

    Just remember, in post-habeus corpus America, it could be you next.

  3. Right, because John “No, that’s okay, I’ll answer the question” Kerry is clearly in command of those college cops . . .

    I’m really disappointed you didn’t manage to work in a Clinton reference, Smails.

  4. Yeah, I actually agree Kerry wasn’t at all at fault. Still, he might have said something to attempt to restrain the cops. Not exactly a profile in courage on his part while watching something reminiscent of Hitler’s beer hall brawlers.

    As for RedStormPAC – count me among those who’re not big fans of the name. Reminds me too much of Clancy’s mid-80s novel Red Storm Rising about WWIII in Europe.

  5. So, when George Allen stood by and watched ‘his people’ (not cops) physically and quite aggressively remove a very vocal protester from the Omni hotel in Charlottesville just a few short months ago…what was that? I think I remember them opening the door with the protestors head, classic stuff. If thats not a beer hall brawl, perhaps a schnitzel stand dustup?

    Oh MB, while he did not get in a Clinton reference (yet), he did manage to work in a Hitler…which we all know is a triple word score. Had Smails worked in a combo Clinton/Hitler reference, he would have won dinner for 2.7 with Virgil Goode.

  6. I’d point out there were a few differences between the Allen/Kerry situations not the least of which is that the guy down in Florida yesterday was not aggressively and physically pursuing the Senator from Mass. as the guy up here in C’ville was with Allen. On the other hand, they both appear to be left-wing nutjobs, so, ya know, they got that goin’ for them.

  7. You know Smails, we should get together for a cup of coffee. I’ll bet the face to face conversation would be enlightening for both of us, and anyone within earshot. What would most likely blow your mind is how many of my final solutions are quite right-wing. What would most likely piss you off is the mountains of left-wing diplomacy that must be attempted before using

    Im buying. The rest of you are welcome as well (in that case, I’ll buy for the first 5).

  8. To get back on thread, no one is allowed to choose a name for anything within 48 hours of reading a comic book, watching Rambo (original or sequel) or reading a hard to find copy of Lynne Cheney’s book ‘Sisters’.

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