Three DGIF employees indicted.

A month and a half ago I wrote that Bob McDonnell’s office had apparently done nothing at all in the DGIF scandal, as reported by the Daily Progress. Now comes word that a grand jury has indicted three DGIF employees. Notably, DGIF chairman Daniel A. Hoffler was not indicted. Hoffler gave a stunning $25,000 to McDonnell’s campaign for attorney general, resulting in McDonnell having to recuse himself from the matter. It was handled by his deputy, Bill Mims.

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3 replies on “Three DGIF employees indicted.”

  1. The print edition of the Progress has a few more details about how the investigation began. Apparently, a couple was upset at the DGIF shutting down a hatchery somewhere and began making FOIA requests. I guess they were curious about why the DGIF seemed to be engaged in belt-tightening at the same time three officials are going on a freakin’ African safari on the Commonwealth’s dime. Nice work.

  2. I, too, have noticed some belt-tightening in DGIF of late. The parking area at Powhatan WMA is completely unmarked. Just a post where a sign used to be. There was apparently no money for dove fields at James River WMA this year. And there are supposed to be fields at Powhatan planted in corn and wheat to support the doves but all I’ve found are a few strips of millet.

    Now we know where the money went.

    This is not the kind of thing I want to see after spending $60 in total on my hunting licenses this year (basic license, big game, waterfowl, national forest stamp, etc.) DGIF is funded entirely through licenses and fees (hunting, fishing and boating). These dumbasses who are under indictment are stealing almost directly from ME. I’m pissed off.

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