Richmond Police’s great data mining.

The Richmond Police are doing some brilliant work by mining crime data. They’re laying crime data over maps, weather, traffic, major employer paydays and other such things and making discoveries, such as that robberies increase dramatically on paydays in the vicinity of payday lending businesses. Here in Charlottesville, the police won’t even release crime data to let third parties (that is, me) do the sort of data mashup that I’ve done with legislative data on Richmond Sunlight. Eventually I’ll start filing FOIA requests every month to get the data myself, but that’s a couple of projects down the line. (Via Slashdot)

5 thoughts on “Richmond Police’s great data mining.”

  1. Tim Longo is obviously worried that you will use the information to become the Crime Lord of C-Ville.

  2. Isn’t that Redmond, VA?

    (See, I now know that I can skip my IP and Slashdot posts, knowing that you’ll eventually get around to them. Should probably push Boing Boing in that pile, too . . .)

  3. That can get expensive, but I guess you know that. Cost me almost 20 dollars to get 5 useless pages of statistics from the Virginia Office of Protection and Advocacy this year.

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