Electric hand dryers are tops.

The Straight Dope sez that electric hand dryers require less energy than paper towels, and are environmentally superior in several other ways. I’d often wondered about that.

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6 replies on “Electric hand dryers are tops.”

  1. I’ve gotten asked this before, and I tend to agree with Grist’s “Ask Umbra”:

    [I]t doesn’t matter very much whether you use the blow dryer or the paper towel. The impact of how you dry your hands is so small that you’d be far better off spending your time and energy on more important issues, and those where the environmental payoff is clearer — such as converting the lighting in all those public restrooms to energy-efficient light fixtures (or convincing the powers that be to do the converting).

  2. Uh huh, now what I’d like to see is a study determining how many people just give up on the damn things and wipe their hands on their pants.

  3. I’ve noticed that the new interstate rest stop on 64 west just prior to Richmond has the loudest blow dryers I’ve ever encountered. Seriously they sound like jet engines. I was going to submit a comment in the box provided, but of course they were not stocked.

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