4 replies on “White flour. White flower. Tight shower.”

  1. You know it’s funny that you posted this. Just the other day I was thinking about hate group demonstrations like this and how mockery is the best response to such fools. Imagine one of these groups having their white power march and being greeting by several thousand people, lined up all along their route, laughing at them. These racist events are designed to intimidate and provoke anger. The best response is ridicule.

  2. Thank you Waldo – that is encouraging to read about. The morning news of “anti-immigrant” boycotts and FUD here in Prince William County had me a little depressed until I read this story.

    I do not fear immigrants, nor people of color, nor women, nor gay/lesbian/transgendered folk. I welcome the diversity they bring to our communities.

  3. The double murders that this confrontation relate to are one of the most inhuman crimes I have ever heard of. For the folks in Knoxville (and sister city Asheville) to have rallied in this way is remarkable. I warn readers to be careful about looking into the roots of this thing – it exceeds obscene. It can corrode the soul with anger.

  4. Hahahahahhahahahaha, awesome. I always thought the best way to counter Fred Phelps would be to have a whole slew of gay and lesbian couple show up to counter protest and kiss and cuddle in front of him. They could even taunt him by telling him how handsome and sexy he is. Crazy enough that it might keep him in his insane asylum of a house instead of out in public.

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