I share a birthday with Harry Potter. That is awesome.

Shortly after midnight last night, up reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” I was surprised to discover that Harry’s birthday is July 31. So is mine! And it was now both of our birthdays! I was excited enough that I nearly woke up my wife to tell her. It’s a sign of maturity, I think, that I did not.

Besides, he’s a year younger than me.

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  1. Happy birthday!

    You also share a birthday with my grandmother and the bass player from Juniper Lane. Not that it’s a suprise really. 6 Billion people and only 365 days on which one can be born (not counting the 366th day during leap year). It was bound to happen eventually. :D

  2. Happy Birthday, Waldo!!!

    My birthday, January 21, is a decent one too. What’s so great about January 21, you ask? Well, Bush’s last day in office in January 20, 2009, which means the next day I turn 25. You can’t ask for a much better present than that.

  3. I hope you get what you wanted for your birthday.

    Now was that a solar array, or a building permit? ;)

    Actually, it’s the latter (well, a family subdivision approval), and I did get it today, which made it a happy birthday, indeed. :)

    This post is a shameless ploy to get folks to wish you a happy birthday.

    Actually, I’m always pretty squeamish about birthday wishes, so the fact that I posted this really indicates how pleased I am to discover that I share a birthday with Harry Potter. :) But I do appreciate all the kind wishes.

  4. I share my birthday with an eccentric pop singer, a white rapper, a surrealist painter, and a Ghostbuster. But I can’t tell you which ones, because I try to keep my birthday a secret.

    Also, I’m halfway through Half-Blood Prince right now… I am determined to finish Book 7 before everyone spoils it for me!

  5. I share my birthday with Madonna (the pop singer, not the mother of Christ) and my maternal grandfather.

    Coincidentally, I was also born the very same day that Elvis died. In fact, the radio announced his death and the doctor announced my birth, or so that’s how my grandmother tells it.

    There’s no connection whatsoever between me and Elvis besides his death and my birth. I can’t sing and once I tried to shake my hips and pulled something. I haven’t tried since then.

  6. With regards to the Elvis comments, I share my birthday with Elvis (Jan 8).

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  7. Dang, James, you’re really speedy. I’m about halfway through. I read a couple of chapters during lunch at VQR on Friday. It occurred to me halfway through how horrified some of the long dead past editors might be that an employee was reading pop kid lit in those offices. :)

  8. I actually got through books 5, 6 and 7 in about a week.

    And, apparently it’s also Joanne Rowling’s birthday. I always did think it was a bit strange that the story took place from 1991-1997, when it was published from 1997 to 2007… I guess she started writing in ’90 and never changed the dates once she started getting published.

    Actually, that explains why there’s so little ret-conning going on; very few messy odds and ends from the first book that aren’t explained perfectly well in the next 6.

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