Woman sells home because rooster crashes her pool party.

Some Prince William residents are upset because their neighbors have chickens. If I lived near people like that, I’d get a whole flock of chickens.

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7 replies on “Woman sells home because rooster crashes her pool party.”

  1. Some people keep chickens as they are great at eating pesky bugs. Sounds like a green solution to me.

  2. Makes me wish a former co-worker of a couple friends of mine lived in PW county…they were emu farmers.

    Emus are nasty birds. The emu farmer lady had to kill one with a baseball bat because it um, delivered unwanted attentions upon the lady emus and had been for a while, and then when she tried to get it to stop, tried to bite her. It had also attacked every single visitor to her emu farm.

  3. Slow cooked Spice-Rubbed Yard Bird:

    Take one large cock-bird, killed, dressed, plucked.
    Trim wingtips.
    Soak in brine overnight, drain and rinse.
    Mix dry ingredients:
    1 tbsp. black pepper
    1 tbsp. granular salt
    1 tbsp. dried rosemary (3 tbsp. fresh)
    1 tsp. dried, powdered ancho pepper.
    1 tsp. dried sage.
    1 tsp. dried thyme.
    1 tbsp. dried garlic (3 crushed fresh garlic cloves).
    1 tbsp. dried onion powder.

    Stand prepared bird on end, open body cavity and equally distribute mixed dry ingredients inside bird while rotating for even coverage.

    Place bird or skewer and truss legs and wings. Place on rotisserie at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, then reduce to 250 degrees for 2 hours, rotating continuously. This is a tough, but tasty bird that benefits from long cooking at low temperatures.

    Spices will mix with fats and juices to create a tasty basting that permeates the entire bird. Serve with old-vine zinfandel, or similar red table wine.

    Call the neighbors and invite them over for dinner. Be sure to thank them for providing the main course.

  4. The article says that the woman had “an unruly cock running around the pool.” Doesn’t that happen all the time at these pool parties? :D

  5. I was thinking about getting guinea fowl myself because they are somewhat legedary tick hunters.

    Part of that whole eating locally produced food thing can be helped if you can actually raise and eat your own bunnies and chickens… If you chose not to plump the critters on steroids, preservatives, corn, hormones, and fesces you’ll probably be eating healthier too.

    I’d say the value of property in the neighborhood will go up once Ms Paris leaves. I wish her luck with her sale.

  6. Scott,

    This is the first summer in four years that we haven’t had guineas and the ticks are driving me nuts. I can’t mow the grass without collecting two or three of them.

    I’m a believer in guinea fowl power. They’re pretty shy and none too smart, but they sure like to eat those ticks. Go for it.

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