McIntire fireworks.

Grand Finale

That’s a 15-second exposure of the grand finale of the fireworks in McIntire Park, here in Charlottesville. It was tough getting good fireworks photos — a stiff breeze rendered all images of fireworks horizontally streaked.

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  1. This is a cool photo. I’m glad you posted it. My preschool age daughter asked me tonight if we could take a picture of the fireworks. I told her no, that (a) the camera was back in the car, and (b) little point and shoot cameras like ours can’t really take good pictures of fireworks. Of course, she asked me why not. Thankfully, she’s preschool-aged so I was able to get away with a vague answer like “Because you need a fancier camera… Because, um, it’s dark out and… well, you just need a fancier camera.” Note to self: learn some basic principles about photography so you don’t feel like an idiot the next time your young child asks you a simple question like this. *chuckle* Anyway, nice shot. You’re quite talented. I enjoy the photos you post. More please!

  2. I had the same problem in 2003, ChrEliz, the first time that I tried to take photos of the fireworks at McIntire. I only had my point-and-shoot Elph. Every photo looked great on the tiny screen that came with it but, when I looked at them at a proper size at home, I realized that every single one of them was blurry and streaky beyond use. The problem wasn’t so much the camera and more that it needed to be mounted on something less shaky than my hand, to allow the the long exposures.

    By last year I had my “fancier camera,” a little $3 tripod, and a bulb for taking pictures without touching the camera, so I was able to get some much better pictures. This year, though, I had a big-boy tripod, and I figured I could get some awesome pictures. Not so much. The breeze cannot be overcome with any amount of fancy equipment. :)

    Here’s the only other decent picture that I got:

    The Crowd Watches the Fireworks

  3. Actually, I like the effect of the wind. Leads to a more abstract photo which is just as interesting to me (if not more) than the traditional firework pics.

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