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  1. Oh, Waldo, you’re just jealous that you’re not invited.

    (Really, you should try living in the same town with them. Thankfully, however, there will be a significant drop in their population in about 18 months . . .)

  2. Be thankful. I’m sure there’s enough fodder on that site already to take out an aspiring neocon career or twelve.

  3. I find it interesting that the comments responding to the article are so much more indicting of the people being profiled that the article itself is.

  4. I met one of those girls once, real pretty, impeccably dressed. I expressed an interest and suggested that we might have dinner. She looked me over real close and noted, “We believe in good breeding”.

    “Well”, I said, “I like sex too, but can you fly fish?”

  5. Oh, and two points in the article are worth highlighting:

    1) I wish to god they actually did stay away from Adams Morgan. But they haven’t, and the result isn’t pretty. There are still some decent bars there, but it’s not what it used to be (I know, a common refrain. But ever so true, here.)

    2) If you were amused by the “charity” polo tournament to teach those poor long suffering inner city children how to play polo, google some and I think you’ll find a radio interview (on WAMU?) with the organizer. I heard it in the car when it aired, and nearly caused mass casualities on 395, I was laughing so hard.

  6. Best comment by far: “At the end of the day, they hate because they are jealous. Jealous of our priviledge, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun. I hate to say it but they hate us for the same reasons the terrorists do. Perhaps that’s why they all want us to withdraw from Iraq and hand victory to al Qaeda on a silver platter? Ok, I better stop before I go off on a major tangent/rant here.”

  7. “At the end of the day, they hate because…

    Hate? I think they’re funny, small, sad little people, but I certainly don’t hate them. It’d be like hating a peacock.

  8. Just to make everyone *really* feel better: these were the sort of folks rebuilding Iraq. And now serving as appointees in our gov’t. And rewriting science policy findings.


  9. I had the misfortune of working with a few of the 40 year old version of those people about a year ago. Our company was working with a charity that benefited veterans. We were to spend the evening stuffing envelopes. They couldn’t understand. “You mean, people actually do this? I thought it was done by machine or something,” one guy said. Another guy spent the entire night going on about his three yachts and the house he had in the Dominican Republic- he couldn’t live there year round, because “it only had a small staff of eleven, and natives, mind you.”

    One of the men threw a fit about an ad we did for his charity- we had two hands holding each other, one Asian and one African-American. Apparently, the ad was racist, a complete joke and not at all about the image of his charity. All it was was the two hands, close up, one on top of the other in a comforting gesture, and some slogan about reaching out to help each other in our times of need. I could go on for hours about things they said.

    Afterwards, it was funny, in a weird kind of way. It’d make for great stand-up material, that’s for sure. Especially since they all had these forced, fake British accents. Hilarious.

  10. Top five thoughts from when I read: “We believe in good breeding”

    5. Yeah, I like the color blue as well… just not when it’s the actual color of your blood.

    4. And these are the people that make jokes about rural folks banging their own sisters!

    3. Ever notice how purebred dogs always have more health problems then mutts?

    2. “Breeding?” …as if they’d keep it.

    1. Mmmm… I love the smell of fetal alcohol poisoning in the morning.

    As for a class war… they bring polo sticks, I bring mattocks. We have the good time.

  11. reading the comments after that article makes me want to watch “Revenge of the Nerds” intensely.

  12. AS found the most amazing comment of all in the comments. Wow.

    But I thought this one came close for sheer…well, sheer “I haven’t yet emotionally graduated from seventh grade” transparency. The scary thing is that this person is probably a high-ranking aide in the Bush administration:

    There is a reason this embarrassing paper is free and staffs Angela vanslut. Let them have their forum of use posts and we will go back to our forum. Enjoy your crummy Indie music and making minimum wage. When I need your opinion or critique on privilege, I will be sure to give you a ring (and opinion) while I am renting a car and you are filling up my tank. Both of which you did a terrible job of doing. Hipsters—its no wonder you cannot not find a job. Keep writing about us and we will be sure not give damn whether you live or die. That is the thing about your purported privilege. While you are busy writing about us, we are busy running the world and making money so you have something to write. LNS end scene.

  13. Maura – these people only think they’re important. In reality they’re staff assistants to rank-and-file Republican congressmen in the minority and they respond to constituent mail with form letters all day long.

    They won’t be running the government for at least another 15 years.

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