Sayre’s sock puppets.

Scott Sayre has been caught inventing a pair of faux PACs and sending out postcards having them endorse him. It looks like he even fictionalized a survey of gun owners to claim that he received a higher rating than far-right incumbent Emmett Hanger.

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6 replies on “Sayre’s sock puppets.”

  1. I don’t know much about either of these guys, but if Hanger’s “far right” what does that make Sayre?

  2. So, should I vote for Sayre in the hope that he will win the Republican nomination, assuring the weakest, goofiest wingnut target for the fall election…or should I sit on my hands.

  3. Or, should you vote for Hanger, knowing that the Sayre supporters will flock to Arin Sime after Sayre loses, thus handing the election to David Cox?

    My head is spinning.

  4. Since it’s an open primary, I voted today (for Hanger, whom I consider an effective and decent legislator, even though I don’t share his politics). It was a bit unsettling to find Sayre signs and campaigners but *no* Hanger signs at the polling place (Crozet). Whatever you want to say about Sayre, he does have some energetic grass-roots support among people who want to see a “new Republican” in office. (By “new Republican” I mean, essentially, anybody to the right of Attila the Hun.)

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