Daniel Pearl’s widow interviewed.

While in the car yesterday, I was lucky to catch Terry Gross’ interview with Mariane Pearl, Daniel Pearl’s widow. The discussion about her husband’s execution at the hands of terrorists was remarkably frank. Mrs. Pearl held nothing back, especially in her unbridled contempt for those who published the images of her husband’s murder — she describes doing so as “vulgar” and “voyeurism,” and said that it made her “very sad,” and “angry.” She believes they’re too foolish to know that they’re furthering the goals of the terrorists through their actions, and that they did so to appeal to people’s “pure animal instincts” and, in short, to gain viewers through titillation. I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. Indeed. Only a grievously vulgar and generally dog-like friend of the terrorists would republish those pornographic press-releases. I don’t believe any responsible Republican official would ever give aid to our enemies!

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