Foster kittens.

Sleeping Kittens

We started fostering Lady Bird at the end of November last year, and we adopted her a few months later, when it became clear that there’s just not much demand for gassy, elderly, perennially-terrified beagles. One of the many things that scare her (including, literally, her shadow) is cats, so we’ve avoided fostering any kittens, as is our habit. We thought we’d give it a whirl, though, and so we picked up these two five week old siblings from the SPCA on Saturday.

Other than the diarrhea and the vomit, they’re pretty cute. They spend 90% of their time sleeping and 10% of their time tearing around our living room. They’ll be with us until July 7, when they’ll be available for adoption through the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA. (If you’re interested, contact me.) Poor Lady Bird isn’t thrilled with the never-ending sleep over, but I keep telling myself it’s good for her.

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  1. I can’t adopt a kitten because my beagle is scared of cats. My late great Cagney cat who lived to 18 put the fear of cats in Ghandi and now he will bark at them outside but inside will run and yelp as if he has been shot if a cat comes within 2 feet of him. Very cute kittens, I hope someone adopts them.

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