7 replies on “The collective output of Virginia Political Blogs.”

  1. My guess is that since events outside the blogosphere are what usually drive the bloggers to write more posts, it is tied to that in some way.

    Like, it could be as simple as this: The professional PR workers who orchestrate and spin those events like to space them out a few days apart, when they can, to max out the coverage they are courting by not competing with an event that’s still a hot topic.

    Or, maybe it has to do with the weather?

  2. Its the weekend, bloging drops perepitously during the weekend. and Friday

  3. Sorry for my misspelling, Dan I think that people actually blog more during the week. While at work, and so on, people are out and about on the weekend. Seems like the prime time to blog is Tuesday-Thursday, when people are paying attention. Just like traditional media.

  4. Mondays and Wednesdays rock the blogosphere, though I wonder what it was that happened in early March to keep things so static there.

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